Nisse - New Character - Finished animation #page 2

well Nisse is allmost completly rigged so what do you think :P.

thanks for watching!

It’s very good, although I notice the lack of nails (especially on the toes!).
You seem to have rigged it well, although in the top image he looks a little unhappy.
Apart from that, there is not much to crit!

His big toe needs to be movved inwards (towards the center) a bit. It looks like he had an unfortunate accident… :wink:

Otherwise good!

(Whered you learn to rig? I need to learn how!)

Thank you Z-axis and zog 34 for your c&c. So if I get it right, the only thing left is the nails and a little tweeking on the big toe ?

zog 34: You’ll have to practis a lot to get it right. this isn’t my first rigg and the way to it wasn’t that easy.

This is what I found on rigging:

That should get you started;). Good luck

Here’s an update.

Thanks, mate. I appreciate it… My life might be alittle easier now.


Here’s the rigg.

Is he ready for the finished project and start on the enviroment for the animation? I guess because nobody seems to have anything to crit.


What do you think of him with beard now ?

Haha, ever so cute! The ears however looks slightly disturbing, but since he’s sort of an elf I suppose it’s natural for him xD

Great work man. Is the name Nisse taken from swedish btw?

Can’t wait to see him animated!

He’s looking good! I would like to see his ears poke out more, they seem lke they are just pasted on. How are you going about doing his mouth?

Thanks MrMuscly och womball for you’re replies. I wanted the ears to be big, but womball you’re right it should poke out more :slight_smile: adding that to my list.

MrMuscly: Yeah the word Nisse is swedish ;), and maybe I’ll do a short animation without any other object because it would take for ages to get him in action if I’ll have to make a scene for him, but I will also do that later on.

womball: All the expressions are made with rvks, don’t know if that was the answer you where looking for, so please tell me if it wasn’t.

Haha, and now you used the swedish word for and too :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, as for animating him. You could just go with making a simple chair, table, ball or well, just about anything so that he can interact with it. Making the animation more interesting.

Woops, yes I did :slight_smile: my bad.

yeah something, hmm just don’t know what, but I’ll come up with something.

Could go for the obvious;
a Christmas Present! (Could make it one which you just have to lift the lid to open up, a real unwrapping process could get challenging)

yeah …that’s a great Idea :smiley: thank you! doesn’t take too long to make;)
heading for blender to make a nice little present.

this is what I’ve made for a present

hope you like it … I know Nisse does:)

Excellent ! Will he open it? In that case you might wanna get ready for some tedious job with the band around it, I suppose.

Anyways, I’m really starting to get into this project of yours, can’t wait to see it finished.

yeah I think he’ll open it but with a pare of scissors. :wink: A large one i think, have one in my mind but not in blender yet.

Thanks for watching-

Ah yes, scissors, yeh that might make it not all that hard actually.

Oh well, good luck 'n have fun !