NIT PICK MY TOPOLOGY - if you can call it topology

:Dplease help me out critique’s of the world:yes:

this is actually in the WIP area where i am working on this
but i need just critique okay …My english suck’s so don’t judge that!:ba:

Like I said in my WIP …I modeled the first character in my life in 28 minutes haha
then eidted it for about another 45 minutes but gave up and would like all
judges to comment this thread for me THANK YOU.:wink:

but I wont a nice example of a good mesh flow
not uv mapping or any sort of cheating way
I want to model not bake …


If you want to learn about topology a good start would be on these threads.

This one is closing down on 7-30-2008 so save it to your hard drive
The Form
The Pole

This is from so it isn’t going away.
Poles and Loops

I am remaking the Form and Pole for beginners you can find that here at BlenderNewbies
The Form
Poles, Loops, and Flow (understanding subdivision modeling)

I hope these help you out.

Thank you very much kind sir, whats your thought on my model?

I am a Newbie myself so I can only give you advice from a starters point of view. I think you have a fine start. One thing I did notice is that the eyes are a bit close together. I learned from drawing that there is always an eye width between them. The topology I am not sure about. I have read that there should be a loop going from the chin up along the mouth and over the nose

I know this is of a male but the topology is the same for the most part. Here is a good example of good topology. It follows the curves of the muscle groups and keeps the E-poles out of areas that are normally deformed in animation.

That is the trick if this is a static model good topology is what ever works to shape the face. And where pole are is of little consequence provided you don’t mind their bumpiness. However if this is for animation you need to take care of the areas that deform. E-poles in the wrong spot will cause nasty looking pinching. There are no real rules here. What works is what is best.


I can’t claim to be an expert on topology, but I am in the same process of trying to optimize my topology. With that said, my only concerns are the poles circled in red. They might cause a deformation problem when you’re ready to animate. Either try to eliminated them, or move them to separate loops.

Or, just leave it as is, and try posing the face to see if they even make a difference.

It might also be helpful if we had a closer look at the mouth’s topology.


thank you all very much ill work on those poles cheer cheer!