Nitefyre's female head *UPD 10-18-04*

Well here’s the first human I’ve done, its supposed to be female. Looks a little too manly for me. :o My roommate pointed out the jaw so I think thats top of the list to fix. See anything else anyone?

and wire:

Thats a good start. Are you using a reference image? That will really help if you aren’t.

The face seems very square. In the side view, it looks as if the cheeks are caving in, starting from the bottom of the nose. The eyes also seem off. I can’t put my finger on it, but they look strange. The lips are very good, and so it the nose.

Keep up the good work! :smiley:


Not bad at all in font view. nose is imho a bit too long

But profile show that depths are off by quite a margin.

Solve that, and you will get a good base

Laurifer - I used a reference image for the first part. Now its kinda freeform. I rounded out the head a little looks much better, thanks. Eyes aren’t quite rounded they are next. :stuck_out_tongue:

lukep - pulled the end of the nose in and pretty pulled the side of the face more forward, huge impovement thanks for the advice.

here for your crits apetite:

Just an update, gonna work on the ears in the next couple hours.

Sorry for the wide pic :expressionless:

hey thats starting to look really cool :smiley: keep up the nice work dude :smiley:

Much better! Great progress on your head. It definitely looks female now.
There appears to be a problem above and behind the ear though. Maybe move some vertices around. But it might just be the angle or something.
Can’t wait to see ears on it! Good luck with them!

Grimreaper: Thanks, still got a ways to go.

DVirus101: Thanks for the comments. Good eye on the ear hole, there were a couple vertices a little off. Just need to be moved back in line.

Just now managed to merge the ear to the head. I underestimated the power of the ear. Took all weekend to get some decent loops and proper shape, they still need a little tweaking in placement and shape. Got a wierd artifact at the base of the ear, gotta investigate :expressionless: