Nitram_2000 - Sketchbook

Expect to find a lot of junk in here as I wade my way through 2 main topics; nature scenes and hard surfacing.

Nature is a little more natural for me since I shoot a lot of landscape photography so I’ll be focusing on that stuff first.

I’ve given myself the goal of modelling Metal Gear Rex before the year is out, so that’ll be a huge learning curve with lots of experimenting and mistakes along the way.


First off the bat, a quick photogrammetery test I did this evening with 27 images shot with my phone wilst out with the dog. Added a bit of moss and a few leaves with Graswald. It’s given me enough encouragement to go out and start to build some assets this week.


Another quick test of it in action.

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It seems that the phone version is winning right now!

I went overboard on the amount and type of images I think. It’s the waiting from Meshroom that kills me though. Still, some promising enough results to keep me interested in figuring it all out.

Oh man, I’m starting to get the hang of this! :smiley:

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Here’s a quick test scene I made with my photoscanned assets and Graswald.

Could be the start of another forest scene I guess.

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An updated version of an entry I had for the Weekend Challenge a few weeks ago.

I just wanted to throw in some more stuff that I did for the weekend challenges over the last few months.

Lot’s of different themes that really helped me to improve in a lot of different areas. Still a ways to go mind you :slight_smile:

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I decided to delve into some particle fun. Damn Thanos got to me!

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The photogrammetry stuff is great (a particular interest of mine), but the rest of your stuff is really good too.

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My biggest problem is coming up with themes that I think are manageable that I can both follow through to the end and make them of a decent enough standard whilst also learning some new tricks. I need to get back into the weekend challenges, I really think I learnt a ton by doing those.

Coming up with a good and doable concept is hard, but I read an interesting take on this a while back. The author said that it doesn’t matter much what the image is about, the job of an artist is to keep the viewer engaged with it as long as possible, and this is primarily achieved through composition. The book was The Composition of Outdoor Painting, by Edgar Payne. He did recommend choosing ‘uplifting’ subject matter though, beautiful scenery, etc.

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HardOps plus Substance = :heartpulse:

More adventures into the world of hard surface modelling.