NITROX3D: A new hard surface workflow for designers

Episode 2: enclosure box, is now available for streaming on YouTube. It has some nice surprises!


You are trying to add a brand to a 3D workflow?

I’m full with MACHINE3, Non-Destro is not fit for everything, I’m working on it to improve Speedflow since years because it’s fun, has a lot of possibilities but you cannot use it all the time.

I mix it with destructive, retopo, box modeling, etc.
Blender doesn’t have the tools to make it possible.
For example, the bevel doesn’t merge points with a threshold, there is no merge modifier.
There is nothing Non-Destro to add bevels on booleans like ‘bevel after boolean’ or ‘meshmachine’ or ‘hardmesh’ on Maya or other tools on other softwares.

With Juri we are trying to make all that append by helping blender devs on those cases as much as we can, but it’s not comming any time soon.
So, I’ll make my own blender version to add custom modifiers to help in Non-Destro workflow Speedflow support.
I’ll add those modifiers to Speedflow to use them as fast as possible on Non-Destro modeling.

I would love to have those tools, so maybe later.

For the all nodes, people have big expectations, but I don’t, I hope they will keep the modifiers stack because it’s way faster than adding nodes.
We will see.


Please, I’ve asked this before of you, do not use my thread to promote your product.

I’ve already addressed your concerns in the manifesto. Please read it again.

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I thought this post was to talk about Non-Destro modeling and help beginners?
Ok, so this post is only to promote your branding and no one can name any addons except yours?

I’m talking about my experience, since I’ve been doing Non-Destro modeling a lot longer than you on blender.
I watched your last tutorial, making circles with bevel isn’t a good workflow.
You should use a screw modifier, it’s made for that.

Hi Chipp,
Thank you for this great modelling approach.
I followed you with ease but had two issue. You skiped the boolean part and now i have a gap in my model :frowning:

How do we close this gap?

2 issue is you mentioned that you stop the bevel at the cutout hwo do we do that?

Mybad :blush: i fixed it. forgot to uncheck clamp overlap

Yes, and your Speedflow thread is there to promote your branding. I’m sure you wouldn’t want all of the other addons including mine posting our branded messaging over there. All I ask is basic courtesy, pitiwazou.

I’ve mentioned your product several times favorably here and on videos. That is polite of me. I’ve asked you to respect my wishes and not promote your brand on my thread. Please accomodate my wishes. Thanks.

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Can you share your model?

Ok ok, my bad!

By the way, you can come on Speedflow thread and talk about kitops, we can make assets with Speedflow and add them to kitops, could be nice, since the workflow is the same.
Every addons/workflow must be compatible for everyones.

Thanks for the invitation. Do you have a copy of KIT OPS PRO? If not, send me a PM and I’ll get you one.

No need, if I want an addon, I support the dev, I’ll buy one!

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Concerning your tutorial, you need to add support edges for booleans.

To avoid this bad result that will deform the bevels.


Me too. I’ve already bought your addon :slight_smile: Now I just need to install it, which I will do after I finish my NITROX3D series.

Yes, but only if they are needed. In this case they were not. That’s why I asked to see the model. I show that in an upcoming tutorial.

Ok, we will see that on the next tutorial :wink:

In some case it’s ok

But I prefer to have something correct, it’s easier to finilize the mesh after IMO.

And cleaner.


Pardon, but why can’t you do that in Blender? I’ve never found the whole metaballs modeling thing very appealing (just not how my mind works), but they do exist in Blender, as do NURBS. I don’t see anything impossible to make with metaballs in those images. What am I missing?

But it’s not possible to edit edges or vertices unless you apply the modifiers which i don’t want to to keep it editable.

Also i fixed the model, it was my bad for using clamp on bevel modifier.

You need to be able to do booleans with metaballs. Currently you can’t.

You can go in and subdivide a base mesh and keep all the the modifiers for it. See the first video and the Sony product.

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Thanks for these videos and this thread. I’m learning a lot.

With the metaballs from blender you can subtract if needed ( Negative )
would be nice if you can combine it with your workflow ideas :grinning:

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