Nividia Video Drivers for XP on a pentium III

(Run-Amok) #1

Does anyone have a link to download drivers for a Nividia video card …I have XP and pentium III and have tried TNT2 , TNT2 pro 2.8 , TNT2 2.9 , TNT2 3.0, also in OFF TOPIC rndrdbrian posted a link to PRO Omega kx1.0 all of which have failed to run Blender on my sytem…although the Omega drivers are better than the rest at everything else…?

(IngieBee) #2

Have you tried the one on the Nvidia site?:

(rndrdbrian) #3

What is the exact model of your video card? is it a tnt? tnt2? geforce?


(Run-Amok) #4

Thanks for the response, my card is a NNIDIA RIVA TNT2 .

(rndrdbrian) #5

Hmmm. Not sure why the optimised drivers don’t work.

What happens when you try other drivers? What error message appears? Blue Screen of Death? What about the drivers which ship with WinXP. do they work?


(bob_dog) #6

I have the same problem with my NVidia drivers running on XP. Win98 SE worked fine, but the upgrade to XP makes Blender unhappy. I have to remove all hardware acceleration to get it to run propperly. Rendering with hardware acceleration causes Blender to freeze. No acceleration works, but I can go away for the weekend waiting for the render to finish. :frowning:

(rndrdbrian) #7

Ahhh, the default drivers which ship with winXP don’t have proper opengl hardware acceleration, hence blender freezing. Apparantly the default WinXP drivers fake opengl acceleration by sending the opengl stuff to direct3D… Download drivers from nvidia’s website, ones for NT / Win XP.