Nixie Tubes - Filmic

(JoaoYates) #1

Hello world!

I rerendered an old scene of mine using the recently released filmic color management tool and was really happy with how it turned out.

You can check out the full sized render here:



(KickAir 8P) #2

Yep, like this.

(JoaoYates) #3

Thanks mate!

(Radek) #4

Just stumbled upon this; really cool.


Love it! Looks totally realistic.

(kubra vachon) #6

It’s so nice :o how you archive that light inside the tubes? I’m triying to do edison bulb but not able to get realistic emission :frowning:

(JoaoYates) #7

I appreciate the comment! It’s one of my personal favorites lol

(JoaoYates) #8

I have to admit the filmic color tool really helped out. The values for shadows etc simply worked, with minimal effort. Thanks again!

(JoaoYates) #9

Hey! I frankly just had the really thin “filaments” set as an emission material in cycles with insane high values like 1000 or more(kinda winging it here, been a while since I’ve looked at the scene). What exactly are you trying to achieve with your scene? If I can help somehow

(kubra vachon) #10

I’ve even tried more value but color of filaments faded out. I wanted to put two lamp with Edison bulbs in a room and have soft light but couldn’t reach the effect. And then gave up so turned them off and made daylight scene :smiley: I’m newbie though…