Nixon Venture Watch

Moved this from WIP as wasn’t getting much comments or crits. This is a model of my watch I did a while ago. Took me a long time to work out lighting & materials and this is where I’m up to. Not 100% happy with it yet though so here I am. There was a slight problem with the material on the face but its fixed now (though needs to be re-rendered) All c&c’s welcome!


The texture in the background looks like a low-res mipmap, but the watch is amazing. It looks completely photorealistic to me.

yea right, thats real. blender doesnt do shadows like that

He used an external renderer :ba:

Huh? Soft shadows… but by the GI and stuff you can tell I guess, you mean.

Sorry for the late reply! @ShnitzelKiller: The texture on the floor is pretty high rez (3000x2018) but the dof killed it, or if you mean the texture of the plastic piece on the watch stand. Yeah thats low rez. Just was lazy and used a photo but could do with remaking it in gimp so its alot clearer. @rvngizswt: This was completely modelled in blender but not rendered with Blender Internal. It was rendered using VRAY and lit with a HDRI image and a couple of smaller lights. Thank you for the kind comments. Any crits apart from the (floor or stand bit?) texture? I’ll try and fix up the textures!