youve been around for what, a month, and you already have almost 600 posts, jesus dude, just imagine a year formnow wen u have 7,200 posts, crazy. valarking, u better watch out u might have some competition

I won’t be destructive here.

He does need to slow down, he has 19 posts a day and some days he posts a bit more, plus many of his posts aren’t exactly on topic.

He’s a bored kid who thinks he’s found a chat room, RANKN67. He plays off topic chat games to up his post count. He talks big like we’re supposed to be impressed. If he reads this, he may get a clue, but I doubt it. Maybe he’ll read his own sig and realize that posting without thinking isn’t exactly contributing anything to the community. He’ll probably just flame me instead. It’s what he does.

If you guys keep giving the mods stuff giving the mods stuff to lock they’re never going to lose those raging hardons they’ve had for a while now.

NJROTC = obnoxious
NJROTC = this thread.
This thread = obnoxious.

VK, effing hilarious!

Well, if we lock all of the game threads (INCLUDING vending machine) then that will slow his postcount down dramatically.

why dose my post count matter so much to you guys?

i like the vending machine…

Maybe we wouldn’t care so much if they contributed more to the discussion and you used less one liners.

AND YOUR ONE TO TALK CD! at least i take time on my blender art. ive been working on this one piece i have been doing for a year! ive also done a whole lot of other things to help people outside the off topic. rank 67 is just takeing a cheap shot at me.

i think(ok so im speaking on my own behalf) that the biggest problem with your big ammount of one liner post’s is that it adds to the Sites Bandwidth loss, with out really contributing all that much, though hey, latly ive mostly been checking out the N&D and Off Topic myself too, so im not the one to talk… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hypocrite. Look who’s talking. Mr. “I just made a one liner and complain when other people do it.” NJ is just like you. He will get over it someday. Just be patient.

Please don’t try to put my art down in this thread, I found your view on art makes you almost impossible to please even with improvement. You have a very specific demand for art that you like.

i could post alot more in finished products. i have lots of models done, but im useing them in a secret animation im doing with freinds at school. i want to show the only the end product.

not like CD who posts in the finished products every time he extrueds an angle, and then changes it fifty times befor his thread get locked.

i dont always post one liners, only if i feel like the thread is worthless, but i have many well thought out posts too.

but if you want to open fire on me that badly go ahead, im not one to ruin all the fun:)

cd i demand art,… just art… its not my fault if you cant make any

I have made entry into a small arts show at a real gallery downtown in my hometown and the gallery master said what I showed him was art. If I just extruded angles the outcome probably would be different.

I also sold a picture to the school district for use in an art auction and have other people interested in buying one.

you live in kansas, nowhere kansas…

my art took me to an national art competition, and people from nowhere towns made got in only because they are the only ones that knew how to use the program.

we actually had some red necks come in with a 7 second animation of a badly modeled guy shaking a can. they thought it was art. and it was in their town’s “local news program” after all!

So you’re trying to prove your point by making cheap shots at my home state?

Look at this photo of my home town. This is anything but nowhere.

did i insult small towns? no i just said your more likely to be considered an artist in one. and a small sliver of high rises isnt considered a big city, el paso is the 19th largest in the US.


There’s quite a few artists in my home town, and several galleries, it’s not like my city’s galleries will consider anything art. And this gallery master looked long and hard at my works to make sure they were art.

im done with you,…

someone lock this stupid thread, a whole thread just to shoot flack at someone? suprised it wasnt closed at the very first post. thanks alot mods for doing your job!

nobody loves me :frowning: