Nkey Cube Vertices Off The Grid?

I used the Nkey and sized the default cube to x=24, y=20, z=8. I’m running Blender v2.45.

When I zoom in from the side view (3key) all the way to check the corners I noticed the vertices are not on the grid???

Try this for yourself. Is this just an optical illusion with how the grid draws, sizing cubes with the Nkey, graphics driver (I’m using the newest Nvidia 8800gtx drivers), or is Blender just lacking precision snapping vertices to the grid? I even selected the vertices and tried snap selection to grid but they didn’t. This is messing with my head because I am trying to do some precise geometry shapes at 1 grid unit per foot real life scale.

I only found out after trying to use a knife script to cut things away at angles using a plane when I got errors. The console said something about missing 3 or 4 vertices in a face when I performed a cut. This doesn’t happen on the default 2x2x2 cube and the knife tool works fine.

Its just an limitation of the display. Apply the scale (ctrl+a) and check the vertex positions, they are correct.

I figured it was a display limitation zoomed that far in. It just was disturbing to see it off the grid and 2 vertices in the same axis offset instead of seeing one. Can I limit just a bit how far the zoom goes? I don’t need to get microscopic!