NLA action Strips not blending.

This question was asked by a user named InverseTelecine but i haven’t found the solution.

This may or may not be a nood question; I’m too much of a noob to know.

I am trying to animate simple objects using animation derived from motion tracking and then edit (trim, mix, match) the animation segments using the NLA editor, but I’m having trouble because the NLA blending between clips always moves the object back to the original coordinates before animating with the new strip. I need it to animate from its current position.

Example (simplified): The motion tracking keys makes cube1 move from 0,0 to 3,4. I make an NLA action strip out of that motion and duplicate it with the intention of having it repeat the motion from its current coordinates thereby moving from 3,4 to 6,8. But instead it slides all the way back to 0,0 and moves to 3,4 again.

So far i have followed these instructions from Aligorith but I’m not getting any results.

  1. Ensure that each successive strip occurs on a track above the previous one. They should form a stairstep-like arrangement going upwards (from bottom left to top right)
  2. Ensure that each strip in this setup is set to “Extend/Hold Forwards”
  3. Now, change the “Blend Mode” on higher-up strips to “Add” instead of the default “Blend/Replace”

When i change the “blend mode” to “add” instead of replace, my skeleton starts to grow or scale up.

Aligorith also said the following…

“Now, this will only really work well if the actions used in the strips only contain F-Curves affecting the properties that you want doing this (i.e. actions should contain location F-Curves only; rotation/scale/etc. animation but should not be included in those actions unless you want them to behave in a similar manner).”

I’m new to blender so I don’t understand F-curves that well. Is it possible to convert what ever curves I have to F-curves?

Thanks in advance.