NLA and Action Editor will not function correctly (solved)

I am doing a rushed project for a client, and have run into a stone wall. I am a long time blender user, and I suspect there may be a few bugs in blender that are hapering proggress.

I made a mistake of attempting to use blender’s NLA editor in a project of mine.

Now, if I delete the NLA strip, the action is there, but will not play back.

If I use the NLA strip, and set a key frame, a new key frame will apear at frame 180633, my animation is a 21 frame walkcycle.

The .blend is attached. ( I had to delete some geometry to get the file to upload.)

Thank you for your help


Upload.blend (940 KB)

I think you are right, something is messed up in your keys. The length of the strip is over 18,000 frames and I can not detect that final frame so i can delete it.

I deleted your actions, saved the file and closed blender. Then I re-opened blender and created my own myWalk and everything seems ok (yes my walk is crappy ). Mywalk is only 20 frames and so is the action.

I just started exploring the action editor and NLA, so maybe someone with more experience can chime in. But you are not that far along in your animation. Sometimes you just have to scrap your action and start over.


Upload.blend (575 KB)


I solved it.

Thank you very much for your help Atom.

I found that I had entered a time offset value in the object buttons panel. It was a large negitive value, and it offset all my keyframes by that value.

Thank you very much.