NLA and motion blur

I have a really fast movement (a hampster running in a wheel)
so fast that without motion blur the hamster wheel stobes and looks like its going backwards
I have set up a run cycle as an action with help from you guys :eyebrowlift: but now its causeing problems with the motion blur
basically the nla isn’t tweening between the strips or repeats of strips so one of the frames of animation is compleatly unblured this kinda makes sence but is there anyway around it?

please anyone? am i missing something obvious?

I don’t know the answer which is why I didn’t reply. Maybe one of the noodles boffins like papasmurf or rambobaby could help you with a masked Blur or Vector node?

Or maybe render it at 60 fps (or 45 if 60 just doubles the tweened frame) then put it thru the Sequence Editor to get it back to 30 (adjust all numbers mentally if using 25 fps)


cheers that actually a great suggestion i’ll also dig out my elephants dream dvd and see how they managed it on that

If anybody is interested looking into how motion blur was achieved in elephants dream I have reached a very atractive solution.
Using the composite nodes (much easier than they look) I’ve used the new vector blur to achieve the motion blur needed It is much quicker and seams to be very nla friendly :D.

gotta direct link to the elephants dream noodle?