NLA and transition strip

Hi there,

So i am having this issue with a Mixamo character on which i want to use two different animations. i use a root bone for the offset, but keeps doing this. Does anyone know of any reason why this would happen?

Can’t really tell but it looks like you key framed location and it is transferring back to the location key. Can you post a limited blend? have you tried just blending the two strips?

my blend file was too big, so here is the link.

I dont know about blending strips, can you elaborate?

hello, an authorization is required, please choose another platform :wink: also, maybe delete all the useless objects, just keep the armature

hi sorry about that, cant seem to get the filesize down to the minimun size, this link should work though

What happens is supposed to happen. I’m not sure what sort of strip is «Transition » but anyway it is made to interpolate between a strip and another. Now, as the character at the end of action 1 has a different local position than his position at the beginning of action 2, the transition makes him slide from a position to the other. To offset that the root bone is displaced in the global space, but this displacement happens in only one frame while transition is set on several frames for the moment. And if you reduce the transition to only one frame there will be a jump in the pose. So if your goal is just to keep the character still there are several ways, it depends on your knowledge in animation, one would be to just extend action1 (stopwalking) and loop-repeat its last keyframes

I looked at your NLA. Here is what I saw. You have a parented one armature to another armature. So the child lives in the local space of the parent. Your bottom item is an action with a constant interpolation so when you get to frame 92, it triggers the jump you have on what you call root armature. Then you transition your location keyframes back to the local space of your where root (the other armature which is a parent) is. So the fix is to put in a root bone, not an armature object in your mesh armature and use that for your offset. Not sure if I am real clear. But watch your y locations.