NLA, armature, repeat. IK Constraint System walk

edit------ I have seen this tut
But as stated below I am not trying to folow a path but am trying
to do the real thing and have it walk with fortitude.

The file has the problem of a rigged fig with con straints.
The model just repeats the walk with out going forward.

I think it is the bugyness of OSX version. regardless.

Please help.

Okay Kids this is what I need from you.

This is a subverse plan. But most likely requires Python.

Pull one foot control forward then the simi main bone “book”
forward , Then the other bone of other foot.

Repeat. This not only solves the foot sliding prob but
prevents the foot from going through the floor.

Prob. Takes to long to create a walk.
Does not work as a cycle.

Please fix.

This is how it goes.

Frame 2 :
Pull foot. select all. Insert loc.
Frame 4 :
Pull “book” Main bone. select all. Insert loc.
Frame 5 :
Pull other foot. select all. Insert loc.

Drop in NLA. Duplicate . Does not work it just goes back to start.

Takes to long to : select all. Insert loc. for each key.
And Auto-key-AC makes it slide.

fun. ^v^

Baaa… a little help please. I did check the search area.

But my plan is far more complicated than those.

I even had a two pulley sys. but it to suffered from the select all, insert loc.

Please help mmmmeeeeeeee “v”

Sorry. I had to read your post three times to get what you’re after. Let me summarize: you would like to simply move the feet and have your character’s body follow them along, without keyframing the location of the body?

Is so, here’s how:

Set up your legs with a typical IK solution. Create empties to correspond to the foot control IK solver targets. Reenter your armature and set Copy Location contraints on each of the foot solvers pointing to the appropriate empties you just made. Now, you can move the feet/legs via the empties.

Now, select your armature as a whole object (not in edit or pose modes), and set it to have two Copy Location constraints, targeting one each on the two empties. Disable the Z axis (might be different for you depending on how you made your rig/empties) in these constraints.

Move the empties to move the feet and voila! Your model will locomote with them. You only need to keyframe the empties and the whole body will follow. There are some limitations inherent in this system, but I’m sure that you can figure it out once you see how this works.

Good luck!

Ark, I forgot to state that it has to be in the armature mode and not with empties.
Because of the NLA To cross over the actions.

The animation controlis to difficult to control with trillions of little squares
floating around. And the NLA in OSX is buggy.


Test the file to please show me if you can help.

Okay - skip the bit about the empties. Attach a Copy Location constraint to the object-level of the rig (without the Z axis) pointing to each of the IK controller bones on the foot. That should work.

still slideing . Please corupt file to show me. I placed the constraints
on the stom bone the feet are tan’ green’ Book

Still clueless. Still slides

I did get this far .
And was hoping to build a one pulley thing to get it to walk like that . But that is for the future idea.


I will shut up after this one if no body helpps

just to state. I never got any more help as you can see.
And I never figured it out.

Please can somebody help me.

Maybe you could rephrase your question in, oh, a few sentences. I applaud harkeyman for his strenuous efforts to decipher the original post. Clear questions = clear answers.