NLA clip resets all previous keyframes and parameters

Hello, I have a simple walk cycle. I add it to NLA as clip. Works.
Then I want to animate all other bones that were not keyed and were not part of the clip using the Fcurves.
Then, when I playback animation, as soon as the NLA clip takes over timeline all my previous Fcurves (keyed and animated) get deleted and dissapear.

I was animating like this (walk cycle and overlay fcurve values) with no problems from frame 1-700.
What else do I need to setup?
Please help.

Basically, the answer is to use Blender 2.8 if you want to layer strips on top of each other. The NLA is more or less broken in 2.79 and earlier - even simply adding keys on top of each other would not work properly. Now it does (at least it should work correctly)

Thank you! So fine to know!
I solved it by muting all other channels. Soon I´ll do a video on this glitchy behavior (and how to solve it)

There’s not much point on documenting the glitchy behavior of the NLA in 2.79. It’s much better in 2.8, but could be even better of course.

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