NLA duplicated snippet doesn't play / no keyframes

Hi, I’m trying to make my first slightly more elaborate animation, and my question is probably very basic.

I made the following scene: a character picks up weights → lifts weights doing 5 reps → drops weights.

The motion of dropping the weights is the same as the initial motion of picking up the weights. It is just reversed.
Therefore, I cut off the “weights pick up motion” in the NLA editor and duplicated it. Then I put the duplicated snippet at the scene’s end. In the sidebar, I activated “reverse” for the snippet.

However, the snippet at the end is not shown in the animation. It also seems not to create any keyframes in the action editor.
I thought I could duplicate, cut, and paste snippets in the NLA editor and move them around, but it seems not to work like this, or does it?
Aside from that, the repetition of the 5 workout reps in between works fine and creates keyframes as expected, but I used the repeat function of the sidebar for them and not duplicates.

As I could not find any solution in the NLA editor, I simply copied the keyframes of the “weights pick up motion” in the action editor and mirrored them at the end of the scene to reverse the motion and to turn it into a “weights dropping motion.” It worked like a charm. But, I couldn’t achieve that in the NLA editor.
So, am I using the NLA wrong or for the wrong purpose?

Thanks for any advice

Blender also always crashes when moving around strips in the NLA editor, but, as far as I know, this is a known bug (Blender 3.0).

Is it just me, or is your duplicated snippet not containing any recorded keyframes?

It seems not to carry any keyframes, although I duplicated the green snippet in the screenshot with SHIFT+D. I also tried ALT+D.
Doesn’t the duplicate also copy the keyframes, and shouldn’t it be green as well? :thinking:
I’m pretty much an utter greenhorn in animation :sweat_smile: