NLA editor action strips only work when you tab into them!?


I had painstakingly combined actions on the NLA editor in the first few seconds of in my animation. After working on it a fair bit more i decided to preview the whole thing from the start. I noticed that my first few seconds of animation were no longer working. I checked the NLA editor and the strips were still there as they should be, but not having any effect.

However, when i select a strip and it turns green, i scrub the timeline then and the Action is animating as it should, albeit for only 1 loop (it is set to loop a few times but edit mode green only lets you see the one original loop).

I checked the influence - all fine. I’m stumped!

  1. Double check that you haven’t toggled “solo” on any track. To do this, check to see if any one of the stars is orange. The solo feature allows you to have just a single NLA Track active to preview just the effects of it in isolation

  2. Check whether any tracks have been muted. Check the speaker icons on the right hand side of the channel names.

  3. Depending on how you set things up, one of the later strips may be set to extend backwards in time or something similar. Make sure that isn’t the case.