NLA editor animations switching positions

I have a running action and a jumping action, I made them seperate so I could control the speed of each in the nla editor. I have two more actions Master Run, and Master Jump. I used these two too control the master bone that moves the whole character, Master Run just moves the character along the y axis so the body actuallymoves forward when his feet move, and Master jump does the same except it involves some rotation, and movment on the z axis.
I put all four actions into the nla editor matched running action with Master run and the same for the jumping animation. I have the running actions first then the jumping actions right after. Now the running animation goes through just fine but as soon as it gets to the jumping actions it moves my character “jumps” on the y axis backwards then then carries his animation out. I added an animation to the block which the character is jumping over so that is jumps back with it to make it appear he did not move backwards, but this is obviously not the the correct solution

blend file attached

I have the same issue:
When i add a second nla action my character falls back on the walkcurve. Once i add a curve to the modifier the whole rig goes backward immediately. This is strange cause the rig and the curve are on the same XY place.
It seems to me that this could be a bug, cause a very simple one bone walkcycle with 2 actions runs good…
Do you have found a solution for this problem?

For me it worked, when i have deleted the curves, and all NLA Strips and set it up from scratch again.