NLA Editor blending problem.

I’m fairly new to the animation side of blender, and I’m working my way through the “blender animation toolkit” released by cgcookie (thanks beorn leonard, nathan vegdahl, and jon williamson).

I have a problem with my own animation with the NLA Editor. I have a robot that walks and transitions to a resting pose. In NLA editor, the “walk” action clip blends to the “standing” action clip. While “blending” the armature explodes in size while rotating 100+ degrees and re-centering itself close to origin.

The blending settings are set to “replace” for both action clips. I even tried to remove scale keying for both clips but unsuccessfully have seen zero results.

I attached my .blend file as a zip. Any help would be much appreciated.

Albert (1.48 MB)

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thanks! the problem happens during the “blend” of the two clips. It erratically sizes up and rotates during this period.

okay so i got it working by recreating my animations/actions by scratch again, and it works beautifully now. I’m not sure what happened the first time. I found myself in a weird bug i suppose.