NLA editor doesnt work on multi layers

hey guys, I have 2 actions for the cube. jump and slide. i was wondering why does adding a second action stops the first action from animating?

I was thinking if this is a bug? using 3.2.2

It works in 2.93(this file wont work in 2.93 as its made in 3.2)

nla editor.blend (836.1 KB)

Hi,It’s strange but, if you just slide the jump strip to the right and back to it’s original position it starts working.
nla editor_fix.blend (815.6 KB)

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honestly have no clue how you did that, sliding it across the timeline didn’t seem to fix for me for some reason :thinking:

is there anything else that you did? so wiered

Edit: In the same file you named as fix, i removed the tracks and re added them to 2 tracks- it happens again. (one track not being calculated)

No i didn’t change anything just moved forth and back, mind you i am on blender: 3.0.0 i don’t know if that is the reason. Or could it be an addon that you have?

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haha you are right! works on 3.0 its most likely an issue with the new version 3.2. Thanks! Ill report it as a bug and see.

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Change your extrapolation to nothing and blending to replace. Be sure to select both to test.


thats great! it works now! so i guess its not a bug? even without setting what you mentioned in blender 3.0 it works…