NLA Editor Remove 'active action'

Hopefully a real quick question for someone who knows the current animation system.

Trying to get my head around the action editor and the NLA editor workflow. I keep hitting this…

I go back to the action editor and select an action to make changes to its key frames.
Then I return to the NLA Editor.

At this point the action I selected for edit is displayed in the NLA editor as an orange strip at the top.
It also seems to override the NLA animation, not what I want at all.

How do I ‘deselect’ the action in the action editor (or the NLA editor) so that it no longer
overrides the animation?

To put it another way how do I return that top orange line to the “<No Action>” state?
(I don’t want to create a new NLA strip, the action is already in the existing strips).



OK. I think I have it worked out. You ‘can’ remove the animation data link in the right-hand panel,
but it’s probably not needed.

What was confusing me, was that I had managed to somehow enable ‘Auto-Blend’ in/out on the
first action of one of my strips (or maybe it’s on by default?)

This was leading to a confusing situation where as long as I was in the action editor, the animation
played OK. But in the NLA editor it did not, even when only the single NLA track with that action was
enabled (solo mode). I was blaming the messy results on the ‘active’ action somehow affecting the
timeline. In fact it was that ‘auto blend’ switch.

Very confusing to a new user.

[Edit: 'Turns out ‘Auto-blend’ is on by default. So I’m still confused by what the NLA editor
thought it had to ‘auto-blend’ from for this action. There was certainly nothing to the left
of it in ‘any’ NLA track.]