NLA Editor - Reverse Strips back to 'Regular' Keyframes?

I thought I’d try using the NLA editor, but have come to regret my decision. Is there a way to undo the strips back to keyframes or to combine all strips into one strip?

You can edit the strips in the dopesheet/graph editor. Select it and press tab, it will turn green, that may help. Maybe someone with more experience will come along…

Once you push down an action to the NLA, you can recover it by deleting the NLA strip and going back to the action editor and selecting the action. You will note that the recovered action has no users, it is set to 0. That means if you saved and reopened your file before you assigned a fake user, it will go away for good. Select your action and then set a fake user so you don’t lose it. So your work flow should be, create your action. Assign a fake user by pushing the shield in the header. Then push it down to the NLA. that way you have your action when you delete your strip already with a fake user.

If you want to combine your strips, simply bake your animation to a new action. You can select the strips you want to bake into the new action. Then delete your strips if you don’t need them.

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Thank you for the responses. This has been extremely frustrating.

I’ll have to experiment a bit more, but when I discovered and tried baking an action, it created a keyframe on every frame which would be a pain to clean up. I’ve gotten my animation functional with NLA strips, so I think I’ll leave it as is and then moving forward I’ll limit my use of NLA strips to repetitious actions such as blinking, waving, walking, etc… I assume that’s what it’s for rather than for large, unique actions.

When you bake an action you have an option to place your keyframes by steps. You chose 1 as your step. You can put those steps like 5 or 10 and it will keyframe that action at that point. You can also use the NLA to repeat actions just by duplicating the strip and moving it, or even reverse actions. You can also blend the actions say like in a game from idle to run to stop to fall etc. It has a lot of uses so don’t give up on it yet. Baking will take a little time to get your head around it. Try different settings and experiment with it.

Yeah, I’m already using it to repeat and scale actions. It’s definitely useful, but it didn’t function the way I thought it would. I used it poorly and it frustrated me. Thank you for your help.

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The NLA is a feature that SoftImage had and I never dreamt would be available for free, its power is incredible! Its a total game changer, don’t fight it, its the real power of a big animation system - with standardised bone naming and especially on longer form media it offers a huge creative freedom. Its much like sequencing in audio.

I too was stuck with not being able to edit a walk cycle - many thanks!

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