NLA function error

Hi there,
I am new to Blender bec of my thesis. Right now Im using Blender to create a custom tool for engineering animation.

I try to get the keyframe information from my scene, it gives me error which said “module’ object has no attribute 'NLA” . What is wrong in my simple code?

BTW, I use blender 2.49 in Linux.

Thanks a lot,


import Blender 
from Blender import * 
from Blender.Mathutils import * 
from Blender import NMesh 
from Blender.BGL import * 
from Blender.Draw import * 
global Angle 
Angle = Create(3) 
scn= Scene.GetCurrent() 
armature_ob = Object.Get('myArmature') 
armature_data = Armature.Get('myArmature') 
actions = Blender.NLA.GetActions() 
#print "----------bones-----------------------" 
bones = armature_data.bones.values() 
#print bones 
# Assign the pose animation 
pose = armature_ob.getPose() 
act = armature_ob.getAction() 
if not act: # Add a pose action if we dont have one 
     act = Armature.NLA.NewAction() 
pbones = pose.bones.values() 
print "=============================================" 
print actions