NLA - I need help

(NateTG) #1

with the release of the 2.25 publisher on, i am happy to be able to use the NLA feature, :smiley: :smiley: but…

basically, how does it work? I was kind of invisioning being able to make one cycle of a walk animation, and duplicate it a bunch of times to make my character walk across the screen. but as it is, I can’t really see any difference between it an the old method of editing actions and the NLA…

(theeth) #2

just make sure that there is no Action attached to your Armature, then press Shift-A in the NLA window to add a new Action. Select the Action block and press Nkey to define it’s settings.

I hope that’s a bit more clear


(NateTG) #3

ya thanks. :smiley: i shoulda thought of shift-a.

/me slaps himself in the head.