NLA is Green - how to remove?


  • I have a blend file exported to FBX , but no animation is imported to unreal

  • so I made another simple test scene. that one gets imported successfully

I noticed in the first blend that the NLA is green

how do I remove that ? what does this even mean?


this one WORKS…

Press tab. You are in animation edit mode.

I got the same in object mode
and still it’s not importing in unreal

I didn’t even know Animation had an edit mode. That’s handy.

tab does nothing, why would animation have an edit mode anyway ?

are you talking about bone edit mode ? I use is the pose mode to do animation (CTRL+TAB)

my other blend scene does not have that green stripe , how do I remove it ?

When you push an animation in nla editor you can not edit it until you make it green. if it’s not, you can only stretch it. Move it cut it… as in a video editor.

ok …I also checked the menu I just cannot get out of edit mode
some documentation should help.

The edit mode refereed to is in the NLA. You can also get to it via its menu. (and I just learned you can also Shift-tab to edit stashed action.) You asked “Why” to me this it a great help and I would go and open the action in the action editor. And often got quite confused. The edit mode in NLA clears up a lot of issues I had with editing actions. I hope you solve yours.

apparently it’s a bug, I reported it to blender team, they are looking at it
thanks for the help thou