NLA issue, with intermediate blending with rest pose between actions

This is my first proper animation (going to be used in the jMonkeyEngine) for a game i’m working on. This engine extracts the animations from the NLA track. The issue i’m having is that there is some snapping blending between the actions (only actions which follow my “Idle” and “Roll” animations are affected!!, the rest are fine). This result is that, when I play the Jetpack for instance (in the game engine), there is 1 frame where is snaps to the default pose, before blending with the next animation.

I have attached a video to demonstrate (Leave captions enabled, as I use them to explain whats going on)

I appreciate any help, cheers

Hey guys, just a friendly bump, as I’m still having issues with this. Any point in the right direction, would be much appreciated. I’m Using Blender 2.62 (for compatibility reasons) if that helps, thanks

think I found the cause of the issue. It was animations which had differing FK/IK influences, between the end of 1 and the start of another. This would affect the proceeding animation in the game engine.

I solved the issue, by putting a “dummy” 1 frame animation between the ones with issues which started with the proceeding animations IK/FK values. This seems to have fixed it. Although if there is a better solution, I would love to hear it. Thanks

I was wondering why you have gaps between them.
Does locking them together help?
You can add transitional strips aswell, between the strips, i dont know if that will the fix the constraint problem.