NLA keyframes issue

Hello there,
I have exported GLB animation (Blender 2.81 Alpha, ticked the box ‘Always sample animation’).

my question is:
Why the keyframes are no longer showing in the dope sheet, timeline, graph editor?

only the NLA shows editable keyframes and the action.

Is there anyway I can bring back the keyframes?

[Attaching an image and the GLB file.]

Thanks for your help…

butterfly10.glb (153.0 KB)

If you want to edit the NLA track, click on it and press tab. This enters isolation mode for the track.

Tried that didn’t work…
Any chance of showing how to?

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I have the same issue!
when pressing TAB all i get is a green bar with dots(Can’t edit the keyframes)

It seems that trying to edit imported glb is not working even though glb was created using blender.
Editing non imported animation works fine…

When you put an NLA track in isolated mode with the tab key, then when you go to the graph/action editor/dope sheet it is those keyframes which will appear.

Cool, checked it again in blender 2.81, working.
Didn’t work for 2.80 makes sense as I’ve exported it using 2.81. sorry