NLA + PATHS Tutorial !

That’s it. Check it out at (english poetry) (spanish insults)

Cheers ! and have fun !


PS: Thanx Hos for beta testing !
PS2: Enjoy Slikdigit !

Great tut, very clear explanation!

Could you post the resulting animation?

good job


Way to go Malefico, very nice tutorial and definitely one that was needed.

Hey, Malefico…

Excellent tutorial…

keep up the good work man… :smiley:


cool, thanks for creating such a clear tutorial.

Ay que me gusta mucho tu tutorial hombre!!!
Usted es…muy …hermoso!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your nice comments folks !

OTO: Voce e mais crazy que una cabra ? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

theeth: you can render it by yourself in the Scene 2 of the sample blend, nothing too impressive though.

Cheers !


Thanks for tutorial. I will keep going through it until I can make sense of it all. Please can you give some hints on how to pronouce the Spanish.


can you give some hints on how to pronouce the Spanish

Of course ! Let me see, “tutorial” is pronounced “too-toh-ree-ahl” or something like that.


malefico (mah-le-fee-co)

Hey, Malefico! Nice tute! Good tips on mirroring poses, and recaculating bone rolls in edit mode.
PS I like the term Blender Unit (B.U.) Did you invent it? I’ll be using it from now on.

Thanx Slik !

I don’t think I have invented the B.U. term, I just gotta to call it somehow, I think I read it somewhere else. And the same goes for the tips and almost everything, you know.

There are creative people in the forums who just don’t have the time to write a tute, instead they provide tips here and there. If I got luck I collect some of them and write a tute.

The first guy I heard talking about the bone roll and stuff was Hos. So, hats off to Hos ! :smiley:


malefico (well, I might have found out a couple of things too :wink: )