NLA properties, set blend to Add acts strange. Can not set track influence in dope sh

(Jansiotropic) #1


I have attached a blend with a simple tube with 2 bones. I made 2 actions on same bone : GoRight and GoUP. I tried to combine these 2 to let the moving part of the tube to go obliquely upwards.
When i choose for blending: add (in both tracks), it works but the affected mesh gets 4 times as big. Why is that ?
And i can not set the animated influence, it jumps back to 0 when ticked. Why is that ?

In another model i could set the animated influence via the dope sheet (with kind of keyframes).

Can someone help me out ?test_NLA_tube.blend (616 KB)

(Hadriscus) #2


you keyframed the scale values as well.
Animating influence works but it needs a checkbox in the n panel (in NLA) for some reason.


(Jansiotropic) #3

Thanks Hadriscus,

I keyframed LocRotScale indeed. But I didn’t do anything with the scale. The scale during animation was just 1. I deleted the scale channels and it works now. Looks like blender adds the scale values (when setting blending to Add), so 1 + 1 = 2 as the resulting scale.
For animating influence I had to tick the chekbox, go to the dope sheet and put keyframes in the influence NLA strip control channel.


(Hadriscus) #4

Well yep if it’s add and both are 1, result is 2. For influence you can directly key the value slider as well.