NLA repetition?

Right now, I’ve got an action that I want to repeat a couple times. The only thing is, each repetition I want to be a different length. Specifically, I made an action to pick a guitar. The action can be the same, but I don’t want him to pick the guitar at the same speed. I want it to be slower sometimes, faster other times. Right now, I could add another action, but if I do it that way, I’m going to end up with a million actions under the NLA. Is there anyway to just keep them as one action repeated, but each repetition a different speed? Thanks.

I don’t think so, correct me if I’m wrong animation masters.

I think your best bet would be to duplicate all the keyframes in the action editor, put the frame marker to the start of that duplication and scale, then repeat that each time

You could use a stride path and manipulate the Speed Ipo of the curve.

You can use Shift-D to duplicate a strip. Then in the N-Key panel, simply change the strip start / strip end markers. It’ll squash the strip to a shorter or longer length. Run them at different points in the animation and it should work just fine for you.

Attaching it to a motion path with a speed IPO is a novel idea but I think it wouldn’t be the right idea in your case.