NLA strip problem

Sometimes, actions can be converted to a NLA strip as expected,
but sometimes, when you hit “C”,nothing happens when you comfirm the dialog box…
That’s very annoying.

Is there a rule for an action to be converted into a NLA strip ?
Or is it a known bug ?


Looking at the source in source/blender/src/editnla.c::convert_nla, I don’t see too much there. The popup prompt occurs first, then there’s a single if-test… basically to see if the object has an action.

Thanks ! maybe the error comes from me.
Anyway, do you know the meaning of those little orange triangle here ?
(general saute.2 doesn’t want to be converted)

The difference is usually if it’s reading your mouse as being over the action. Usually this is cured by a slight moment of the mouse.