NLA track frame info ?

How can I show the frame number info in the NLA editor

from this

to this

Unfortunately, this feature was removed in 2.60 to reduce clutter.

However, there are several alternatives you can consider:

  1. To check the frame ranges of each strip, simply select them one by one, activating translation (GKEY) to check (the frame ranges will be shown on either end of the strip), and cancel the transform when you’re done checking

  2. Code a Python script to go through each strip, changing its name to include the frame range. An example script follows:

# Author: Joshua Leung
# Date: 10 Nov 2013

import bpy

# Helper function to show frame ranges on NLA strips
def show_frameRanges_on_nla_strips(datablock):
    assert(datablock and datablock.animation_data)
    # separator string
    SEP = ' | '
    for nlt in datablock.animation_data.nla_tracks:
        for strip in nlt.strips:
            # extract off part of name BEFORE the last "|", 
            # assuming that this is the "natural" name
            name =
            if SEP in name:
                name = SEP.join(name.split(SEP)[:-1])
            # create new name containing the frame range
            frameRangeStr = "%.2f -> %.2f" % (strip.frame_start, strip.frame_end)
   = "%s%s%s" % (name, SEP, frameRangeStr)    

# NOTE: change the iteration code here to iterate over other data types
for datablock in bpy.context.selected_objects:
    if datablock and datablock.animation_data:

Simply copy this into a new text datablock, and press “Run Script” to run it to update the frame ranges as needed. If you know what you’re doing, you can take this code and hack it into either a frame change handler (not recommended - it will affect playback speeds), or simply to embed it in an operator which you then add to the NLA Editor UI (i.e. as a button on the header).

Ok many thanks for the info.