NLA trouble: HOW do I go between "single" and "combined" mode??

Hello. I’ve been stuck on a particular tutorial for some time now. The tutorial and the concept it teaches can be found HERE:

You use the [I]NLA Editor to mix actions and IPOs of objects to make a composite animation. Both Object Ipos and Actions can be blended. Every object may have only one composite animation.

The NLA Editor works in two different modes. In the “Action” (single) mode only the current active action is played. To play combined action use the “NLA” (combined) mode.[/I]

HOW exactly do I switch between “single action” and “combined NLA”? I’ve been trying to figure this out with the famous LUDWIG rig. For an experiment, I created two actions, one with Ludwig waving his right arm, the other with him waving his left. I opened them both as NLA strips but all I could get to happen was one arm waving exclusively, not one after the other, or both, or something like that.

Can anyone help?



Arigato gozaimasu! :smiley: