NLA trouble

Well I am having some trouble with the NLA editor.

It looks like this in my action window.

I deselect everything and move to the NLA window

Then I press Shift-A over the keys I want to convert to a strip

Then I get this wich I do not want

I was going for something similar to this

What I have cannot be duplicated, watever strip I select it steals the keys.

Now it says to press C over it and convert it, but als it does is duplicate it.

I am using blender 2.4 alpha 2

Now I am pretty sure I am deselecting everything (even in the action window) before pressing shift-a, but just in case please tell me how to deselect everything.[/img]

this had me confused for ages,

in the Action window, click the X next to the action in the action tab, ie AC:action.001 [X]
when those keyframes are displayed it mean you are in editmode for that specific action, and will only play that action till you deselect it in “action window” header bar, not NLA window.

The thing is, if you’re using 2.40 alphas, you don’t need to unlink the action from the Action Editor as I wrote in that tutorial. Only thing you need is to click on the “Action” icon on the NLA strip.

This way you’ll have your action mixed with the other strips. Anytime you want to check out the animation of a single strip, you just click on the NLA/Action icon and you’re done, no need to check the Action Editor anymore ! :smiley:

Best regards


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ThankYou! been stuck on this for two days

Gee, I got even more confused :expressionless: with the use of NLA and Action Script, before the alphas I thought I had it clear but now I’m dazed and confused again. Any one can point a tutorial about NLA with the new features. :o

Help!!! %|