NLM Denoiser in Blender 3.0

Yes, it seems there’s contradictory opinions on the subject. But true, Sprite Fright shows OIDN is not suitable for animation. But then again, it seems no denoiser ATM is suitable for animation.

There are some built into video editors that are apparently magic from future alien civilizations.

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OptiX 7.3 temporal stability/coherence for animation in Blender is work in progress:

Temporal stability/coherence for Intel Open Image Denoise it is in the developer plans, and as soon as it is released it will be incorporated into Blender:

In all cases, you don’t expect it to do magic in the result for noise reduction in animation. You will need to set the render samples high enough so that there is only some residual noise in the image without noise reduction.

Yup, still no telling when is going to fe finished. (Open in 2019, last answered 2020, last time mentioned in march as no news, and in days we will be in 2022. Still no timeframe).

As i’m writting this, i’m wondering, why even i’m asnwering this??, i don’t really care about denoisers at all… this should make me keep my mouth tightly closed and my fingers quite still.

OIDN does not do multiple frame denoising, anything that doesn’t do that it will never ever be suitable for animation denoising.

There’s Neat Denoiser plugin for after effects. It’s perfect for animation. Denoising for animation should be done after all frames are rendered so the denoiser can take multiple frames into consideration to have a consistent denoise pattern.

Or Topaz - I use that a lot after rendering.

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