nmap shader button where is it?

What happened to the other shader buttons such as nmap shading I think it was a in v 2.56
if there’s another way to use this please mention

Assuming that you are not from the future (2.56 is a long ways down the road), I would rewrite your question to be more specific. If you can’t exactly describe the panel that seems to be missing, go back to the version where you last saw it and take a screenshot.

ok 2.46 then lol
And I’m talking about the shaders panel

help out

O.K. I found it, and see what you’re talking about. See the attached picture. The first is 2.45, and the second is 2.46. However… I have little idea how to use this button in the first place… maybe that’s why it was removed :slight_smile:


Thanks anyway,
He’s or she’s got the right button everyone so look and help,
My search 4 the apprtentice continues, j09 u’r fired, lol ;):smiley:

this is unrelated to the GE (that function needs a GLSL script to be in the GE)
also, try toggling tangent V? I think the button appears if you do.
[edit] never mind, didn’t work -_-;

You might want to try Crystalspace or Irrlicht if you want your artists to have an easy to use normal map shader, without scripting. They support both parallax and simple normal bumpmaps.

Bump maps work without that button being pressed. I know when I was going through the tutorial for the shaders I saw that it was missing, but everything works anyways.

ok thanks a lot