No Armature bones

I don’t seem to have them.
I go to add > Armature but all thats there is “Single Bone”.
Am I missing something…?

I was following the Kara tutorial and got stuck at this point as I lack the preset bone structure for a humanoid.

If you are after the prebuilt skeleton you will need to activate the rigify addon. It contains alot of preset parts including a humanoid skeleton. What you need to do is click on file> User preferences> click on the addons tab> then select rigging in the options on the left.> You will then see rigify in the list to the right with a little check box next to it. Make sure you check it and then close the user preferences window.

now if you press SHIFT and A then under the armature panel there will be an option for “human (meta-rig)”

hope this helps :slight_smile: