No art at all

There is nothing to see here, but i think it can be considered a work in progress.

First of all, understand that what I am about to address is something that I find myself gulity of, maybe the worst of us. :expressionless:

We all spend hours in Blender in hopes of creating something worth looking at, then when we feel comfortable enough with our piece we place it here int the WIP forum.

We don’t place stuff here because we are afraid of having our feeling hurt. We are looking for feed-back from our peers. We solicit and infact many times depend on each other to look at a piece that maybe we can not step back far enough from to see what needs changing. I can’t tell if a suggestion will change a weak piece into a strong one, or a good piece into a great one. I do know that with out suggestions that piece may stay forever what it is.

I also understand that there is no doubt a host of guests that visit here and can not reply to posts but I have to believe that when a post has one or two hundred or more hits and onyl a handfull of replies we are doing a disservice to our friends.

Sorry if this is a bit preachy, but hey, what are friends for.

Thanks for reading to the end.


Yes, I have seen some of that here, even if I am new to the forums. The ones who have something to contribute should do so, help the not so skilled ones with some new modelling techniques that could be used in his work.

Probably most people who post here post only to get some help and comments what are wrong in their work, even if they do not always say so. Of course, if he would like to get more comments, he should ask them.

These forums do not [Or atleast I haven’t met anyone yet] have many “Bad” persons who would bash totally bash your work so no one should be afraid to post their work here or anywhere. When posted, you should be aware of that you might get some critic. But if the critic is in constructive form [telling what should be improved and maybe even a bit how it can be done] it will help you.

Ummh…this might be quite off topic or only things you mentioned already…I read your post but forgot some parts and…gahh. Ignore this if this is no use. Mmhmm.


So here is tha master with tha master idea. On a Dutch community for designers on the web, a website with many visitors a day made fully website with tutorials, forums to ask things about software use like 3d max, flash and much more. What we have to do is this, Make a Website or use Elysiun for a big liberary with tutorials, did you see the tutorial page on this site?? almost no tutes. Now my idea was, everyone who know blender for a long time and have reached a good skill could make a tutorial, so make a website with teams something like this: Team for Game engine: make tutorials for blender engine use, team for modeling: make tutorials to learn more about mdeling … and so we have to find volowteers (don’t know the word in dutch it is vrijwilligers) to set upt there team. So I like to make a team abd website about Game engine of blender and oure plan is make tutes, learn everyone the engine and make a free online gamekit.

Two things that I would like to say in reply. Number one…I work long hours…and I mean LONG. I wish that I had the energy to go searching the web for a host that allows hotlinking pics and movies without pops or cg scripts running.If anyone finds a decent one …please tell me.
Number two…always willing to help newbies when I have the time…could really care less if I am a Monkey or a Guru on the board. And I have posted work in the past on the other board but criticsm is not always helpful or even constructive. I, myself, am an artist. I try to achieve unrealism…fantasism, and so on. I think that sometimes a character that moves like jelly can be much harder to achieve ( and rig , I might add ), than one with proper joint deformation. If I wanted full realism… I would be working with film. Realism is only beautiful when you can exaggerate it. In my opinion.

Well, here I am humbled by the above letter I wrote.

Seems there are a lot of critiques on pieces that are valid and helpful.

I just have not been spending enough time in the Finished works forum.

Sorry for the rant.


Id absolutely love to see a “central blender” knowledge site. So many times when i need to learn something new or when i was starting, i had to fiddle around and spend lots of time googling to locate a particular tut, and more often then not it was a 404.

Id also like see this imaginary site host useful textures, and maybe a “dead model graveyard” where newer people could download someone elses work, and see how it was put together, and see how different techniques come together.

No I am freakin :slight_smile:

if you dont find tutorials enough for blender ?

go here and get drowned in them:

or go and ask all stuff in Q&A , funny how some posts
here when there is no art in it, for me it is in the wrong forum,
go to Q & A forum 8) or the off topic…

a really good start! but your wip still needs some work… :wink:
some crits:

I also understand that there is no doubt a host of guests that visit here and can not reply to posts but I have to believe that when a post has one or two hundred or more hits and onyl a handfull of replies we are doing a disservice to our friends.

thats not entirely accurate… im my opinion, heres how the hit list breaks down for a 200 hit post:
25-30 = guests(those with no name)
10-15 = people who replied
10-15 = people who replied, viewing their message after the initial viewing =)
20-30 = post starter checking his messages and read/re-reading his own post/messages
10-20 =busy moderators scanning replies for potty mouth and so on :wink:
10-30 = people who replied viewing the post again to see if they got replies to their reply
25-40 = lazy bums/ mean people
5-10= miscelaneous viewers, like zorro, :Z and sleazy queazy :expressionless:
30-50 = after a post recieves about 10 replies, many people will view it but not reply cause they feel that it doesnt need the reply… and honestly, what post would really need 200 replies filled with critiques(whether good or bad)?? theres only so much crits u can say about a pic,and after a handful of replies, the viewer finds themself in the position where he/she says “hmm, every crit i had was already said”… and alot of people dont like just replying over n over with “wow that rules!”, or “keep up the good work!”… 200 of them would be annoying =)

a maximum total of 240 hits is possible… but a suitable 200 hit combonation can be reached %|

**blengine dissects “anatomy of a perfect post”

  1. joe beerbelly posts art in WIP section
  2. post gets 17 replies in 250 views:
    a- 5 replies simply saying “wow that rules!” or something similar
    b- 7 great replies saying “i really like this, oh and this rocks too”, and also helpful suggestions on what needs work
    c- 5 replies saying only what needs work

a and c balance each other out… then b comes riding in with the extra confidence boost, plus additional and useful information on how to better the picture/animation…

anyhoo, this is not all fact, i just made up the figures as i went along, but i think i ballparked it well 8)

so in klonkusion:
[>] there is reason behind the low reply count…many views are by the same person and so on =) or… maybe im just crazy

[>] or… maybe i was just bored waiting for my tea to boil?

if u read this to the end, and ask me for the last 8 minutes of youre life back, forget it, im not running that kind of business :<

heh :slight_smile:


ps. i myself have already viewed this 4 times total already… and will view it again when somone new posts a reply, to check if its a reply to my reply =D lol

Chris, you, I am saying now, are one sick sick man

Keep up the good work!

PS. Next time, add more smileys! :wink: :smiley: %|

My, what a stir I’ve caused. :expressionless:

Who knew.

At any rate here’s where I stand. When I see something that I can make a constructive critique about I will go out of my way to do so.

Those of you who agree with me, cool.

Those that do not agree with me, also cool.

Those of you that seem a bit :x
Chill, it was just a suggestion. We ain’t exactly doctors loosing patients because of stupid mistakes.

still…this post without any wip work at all is in the wrong forum,
should be either in Q & A or in Off topic forum…or maybe in Support