No audio when encoding with FFMpeg

Hi guys!

I have a problem when trying to encode a video+audio froma a sequencer with ffmpeg.
The problem: Resulting video file doesn’t have any audio playback no matter which audio options (bitrate, multiplex) and codecs (mp2, mp3, etc) I try.

I have launched ffmpeg -i <resulting_file> and it showed me that audio stream is there indeed (in addition to video stream of course), but audio doesn’t play in any video players i try.

Is this a bug in blender or what? Maybe someone knows about it and has some known workarounds?

Ah, I’m talking about Blender 2.48b on Linux

PS. Sometimes blender has produced a video files with audio, but later (after i do some editing and render again) - no audio at all and no way i can make it to appear.