No background image when Rendering!!! PLEASE HELP!

I am trying to setup Matchmoving and I am using external software (NOT Blender’s internal “Tomato Branch” or what it is called) but it only renders my 3d objects, not my background movie file/png sequence.

It renders fine in 3d viewport when I set it as background. But it doesn’t show up in final render.

How do I add it to my final render?

I use Blender 2.64.

Backgrounds are for references.
Use the compositor or sequencer to import your footage and to then overlay any rendering

There’s also the import images as planes addon.
CTRL+ALT+U > ADDONS > IMPORT-EXPORT > Import Images as Planes

Much better for both rendering and references purposes.

I tried using the Sequencer, but then it either renders the movie files/png sequence, or the 3D object. Not both at the same time.

I think I just solved it myself:

Open the Video Sequence Editor, Add Image (select all images in your sequence),
then Add the Scene -> Scene.

Next you place an Alpha Under in the Add menu->Effect Strip->Alpha Under.