no bears allowed

this is just a little ditty I did for my roomate. (he’s got bear issues…)
anyways, just having a little fun.


[irony]Nice bear, how did you make the fur?[/irony]

Rhat’s obviously fiber generator :wink:

the bears a picture :stuck_out_tongue: . what was the point of this btw? i like the sign tho lol…

You can see where the bear pic ends. %|

No way that Bear was made in blender as said before because you couldn’t reall do something like that in blender. And yes the pic. edges are visible.

I should probably clarify… the bear is obviously a picture… the red circle was made in blender though…

and this was for my roomate… he has a thing against bears this week. so I made this delightful little wallpaper for him. (and hey… I had a good laugh while I was at it.)

so there.

You didnt get that joke did ya kansas?

grins and shakes his head at Kansas before hitting the Back button

I hate to be a party pooper and snooty head or whatever you wanna call it :smiley: , but shouldn’t that ‘irony /irony’ be sarcasm?