"No Beauty Without Thorns"

Well, this time I strayed very far away from my traditional moonlight scenes. :wink: I was trying to make something that expressed how I was feeling at the moment, so I doodled a sketch and then started on it a few days ago. I hope you guys like it.


Here’s a lighter version.


Well, I’m having a lot of trouble relating the title to the image. It’s a nice, clean, simple, well-composed image, but in terms of the image conveying or reinforcing what the text says, ahhh, “I guess I just don’t get it.”

try a medium or light condensed helvetica instead of the typeface you have there. it’s not a particularly well designed typeface (the one you are using).

as for the illo, the shadow is too dark and sharp.


Thanks for the replies guys!

TroutMask: The reason that I used the font that I did was that I could do the entire image inside Blender without any post. I am considering trying a different font.

sundialsvc4: The meaning of the image is that you can’t have something good without having to take the bad that comes with it. You can’t have a rose without the thorns. I guess I should have made it a bit more clear.

Please keep the comments and C & C coming. :smiley:

I’m usually a deep thinker. This girl in my class always asks me to read her poems and sometimes they’re soo deep that I can’t understand them but I’m to embarassed to tell her that so I’l just say “it really touched me” or something cheesy like that. :stuck_out_tongue: so i guess all i have to say is: “you render really touched me.” BTW, the dark render is too dark and the light is too light. try turning it in the middle. nice rose!

good overall idea and well made

perhaps the stick (don’t know correct word) should be a bit thinner and more bended

perhaps the red should be less red :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah he’s right, it’s a little unnaturaly straight, which makes it look like fake flowers. Maybe you should try and make it a little gnarlier :smiley:

All together its a nice image, but, the leaves of the rose are to uniformaly ‘packed’ (if thats the right word) together try to randomice the evenness of the leaves and as said the stem is to straight. :wink: :wink: :wink: