No Bevel Weights in 2.5?

Again, it seems I am overlooking something.

CTL+SHFT+E no longer works. Is there a method for activating bevel weights for use in the bevel modifier in Blender 2.5 yet? Or is this function on the broken list?


I did a bit of experimenting and found that I could open a bevel weighted object made in Blender 2.49 in 2.5 and the bevel weights were respected with the Bevel Modifier, it does not yet though seem to have a user interface setting.

The only way I could get to it was from the Outliner then switching to datablock display mode. Selecting the meshes outliner entry then finding the object I want Bevel weights on, then selecting the edges entry, then mesh edges and from there I found a Bevel weight entry where I could set the weight.

Obviously this is massively impractical (unless your a Python guru and you want to set the weights in Python). So hopefully It will get an interface entry soon, as the Blender 2.5 Bevel Modifier has the Bevel Weighting buttons.

In fact it may be a good idea to submit this as a bug because it makes the Bevel modifier unusable and if it’s not considered a but just a thing they will get round to, no harm done they will just mark it as such.

Here is hoping.

hey guys, just coded this in python


That script is very handy.

I posted a question on the main devs website but it will need to be cleared before it is displayed so i will post it here as well:

Installed the addon and it work excellently
I was just wondering though for Bevel Weight values, should it not be clamped to be between 0 and 1. Or will allowing the higher range allow other features?

Also is anyone knowing why the offical Blender people did not get Bevel Weight back in the first place. Are they not doing it because of changes that will be needed when BMesh is finally released?

very cool new modifier with weights for bevel = NICE!

hi AlBlender,

Your link is not working for me, is it still active?

I’ve just fixed the add-on/script to run with the latest SVN builds (r30984 and later) - an API change prevented it from working. I’ve also added in a few more edge select features and a 2.49 style permanent bevel (watch the tools panel so you can adjust the defaults after you’ve beveled).

as before you can find the new functions with spacebar menu> type “bevel” or “crease” or “sharp”. I’ve also added a few lines of code so they will show up in the select, w-key and edge menu.

let me know if you find any bugs,

thanks for the update to the script :slight_smile: very useful