No black Wii for mii... ARGHOUR!

Hi everypeople,
I just read in the internet place that the Nintendo’s planning manager Harakiri Seppuku told that they were not going to make different coloured Wii’s.

As of right now there aren’t any plans to produce multiple colors of Wii consoles, but they are indeed planning different colored Wiimotes. I am sure this will all change as we get further into the life of the Wii. I think it is a good idea to stay with just the white version for now while they worry about shipments.

Ok his name is Mitsuaki Hagishima, actually. Some other site told that there’s somekind of a reason behind this outrageous injustice :mad:.

The decisive reason being that Nintendo wish their product to be instantaneously recognizable, much like Apple’s Mac.

Following mac is like following a group of cannibals going to dinner. Highly inconsiderate.

I was so much looking forward to hearing about black coloured wii’s to arrive to the market… but noohooo… they only come in white. Well, I guess I just have to make a black or green cardboard box and place it around the console. White isn’t a colour, nor is black, but black is cooler, especially with the blue glow…around the disc bay… :frowning:

So stupid. I guess I just have to buy a white one, then sell it when a black one arrives…

Here are the links containing the info I mentioned about:

Here’s what we’ll miss for probably a half a year or something…< the blue colours are an image manipulation.


That’s a shame. I like all those colors. Definitely the best looking game console… ever.

dude… Falgor haven’t you heard of spray paint?

Falgor, if your wii, is of multiple colours, best see a doctor! :smiley:

I might get myself a wee wii in the new year when I get bored of xbrick.

scabootssca: Yeah… but I’ve also heard of common sense. Never really seen it though :D.

yeah thats a good one, tho id actualy paint my console, and give it some kinda unique logo too… no point in stealing it… if i see it i know its mine :wink:

Be careful not the spray all the paint into the ventilator :woops:

I guess if you taped plastic over all the holes, and taped plastic sheeting over everything you didn’t want to paint… runs out to garage with PS2, bags, and duct tape

Wii has sold more than 600 000 during the 8 days. Maybe there’s hope for new colours… maybe ;_;.