No blender.exe after build

I followed the instructions from the docs but I didn’t find an .exe after MSVC 2008 Express finished the build. Can somebody tell me what I might have done wrong? I’m trying to build a 32-bit version of Blender 2.69 w/ edits to the gpu code but I’m about ready to give up and have someone else do it for me.

Did the build finish without errors? From my own experience, I tried to build Blender on WinXP with 2 different version of MSVC++ and at the end of the day concluded that the MSVC++ toolchain was simply not fully maintained.

On WinXP I have only been able to get the MinGW toolchain to work with the ‘scons’ build system.

If you want more help on why you don’t have an EXE, you will have to post your error messages.

Hi Nero1024, you can get help at #blendercoders from the Blender developers.
Most developers are in Europe, so best time is 09.00-24.00 GMT +1

Cheers, mib.