No buttons/display/can't see a THING?!?!

(A2597) #1

OK, just put together a new PC, containing win XP pro, 512 megs RAM, and a GeForce 3 Ti200 card in it.

used the drivers that came with the card…

but when I start blender, there are no buttons, no grid, NOTHING is viewable. a button is viewable if my mouse is over it though, but that is the only time.

if a load an old scene and render, it renders fine (And FAST)…

buuuut…blender is 100% unusable in this state.

tried running in 16 and 32 bit modes.


(Eric) #2

First of all, I think you really should install the newest drivers since drivers that comes with cards mostly is Alpha versions. The problem you’re talking about might appear when anti aliasing for the card is turned on. Turn it off if it’s on.