No clear/concise info on saving/rendering an animation

lmao seriously can’t wait to stop using this software and have maya but can someone tell me how to do this? thanks

In render / output panel select the format you want to render to and the location where you want to save your rendered animation files
In the Render settings press the Animation button

What specifically can you not do ? Your current question is far too vague

Basically, I have a finished animation. I now wanna save it somehow or render in into an animation file or something. Then I wanna put it into unity

Seems to be a common topic on youtube

ok done it. I wanna only render a section now, though

Here’s where you choose the frame range to render:

This tutorial explains how to properly render multiple frames from a scene into video format:

Your two threads now are questions that are answered during beginner tutorials. Be patient, watch tutorials… or go download Maya and get upset there too since it’s more complicated and less user-friendly than Blender.