No click counter behind attachments anymore?

why is it not there anymore? was such a nice option :slight_smile:

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Agreeing with this, although I’m currently seeing it on some links and not others.

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The old site had a counter for attachments ,but I don’t think the new one ever did. Would be nice though.

yes it had the counter, still has but not working anymore

OK, looks like you’re right. Must be a recent update ,cause it doesn’t count on Blender Developer site either. Looks like it worked on April 11 ,but stopped in April 25. @bartv why the counter stop for attachments?

any info after all this time?

It still doesn’t work.

Testing: here’s a link to BlenderNation. Could you click this one please? It won’t record mine as it’s my own post.

Middle clicking dose not make it count for me It seems. I had to click with LMB.
firefox 70

Did you left click first, and then middle click? The counter will only increase once every 24 hours per user, so one click should be ignored.

I tried middle click (by default opens link in a new tab for me) on some other links and no counts there either. tried it many time on a link too no changes. it only works with lmb it seems

Confirmed. Reported here:

Looks like this is not something that can be fixed:

That’s because it’s a browser function, there’s no click action to catch. AFAIK the destination page won’t see a referrer either, it’s akin to copy-pasting the URL into the address bar.

So: a regular left-click will be traced, MMB or ‘open in new tab’ won’t.

that link left clicking does increase,

but attachments or already existing links don’t work.
got a whole resource page and past months it did not increase at all, while i know that people download them.

What’s the link of that page?

any resource displayed on this page