No Clipping for FPS Character?

I have a problem where the character can see through the wall if the character presses against the wall
What is the best way to make the character no clipping?
My way was just to make the arms static, or to make the guns static. The problem with making guns static was that the gun may go inside the body (which is a character physic)…although this is unlikely, I have to count it as a possibility…

what’s the best way to make the FPS character no clipping?

First of all: Camera needs to be in the center of the player collider (on it’s Z-axis that the player turns around about) so that when you rotate the view your viewpoint doesn’t move, only the cone rotates.

Then you can place the arms (no collision) either inside the player collider or on overlay scene where they will never clip through the polygons the player faces on the other scene.

I agree with Kheetor. The purpose of the collision box is to ensure that nothing of the “avatar” is intersecting the environment. So ensure your avatar is completely surrounded.

A visual representation of what Kheetor was saying…
but I didn’t center the camera on my character, instead I put it a bit further back. (To make room for the arms/gun)

It’s okay (maybe even better) to have the camera a little off-center from the rotation point of the physics box (after all, human eyes aren’t at the center of the head, we’re used to seeing a slight translation of the world when we turn our heads) but I wouldn’t ever put the camera outside of the collision box, or backwards from the center. If you want to make sure the arms and items fit in front of the camera, but don’t want to put them in an overlay scene, you can cheat perspective: make them very tiny, but move them close enough to the camera that they appear regular-sized.

You’re right, I only now noticed that looking straight-down and spinning around makes the camera’s orbit a lot larger. The camera makes my player sometimes appear as though I’m on the verge of falling off something when I’m not.

Ignore my previous post, (#4) Oblivion is totally right.
My camera was too far back:

**Moved the camera forwards, and also scaling the gun/hands but moving them closer to the camera.

Camera should always be centered for a FPS character. Having the camera off of the direct turning axis can cause nausea in players and feels disorienting or unnatural. The arms and weapon should be on an overlay scene, or very, very small closer to the camera to create the illusion of it being larger. Also disable buffer shadows on the arm and gun meshes so that the effect doesn’t get spoiled by tiny shadows.